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Mahogany & Bone Earrings

This post will show you how I create a pair of earrings using the lining of a mahogany seed pod.

First I get a pod from the yard: The longer it lays out in the sun the deeper the color.

Here is the part that lines the hard outer section of the pod. This is from a different pod.

Next I trim & smooth the edges

Then I drill holes & this is what I use to do that

Here are the pieces with the holes drilled

These have now been brushed with several coats of Verathane

This is the finished product after adding dark brown  & 24k gold-lined seed beads

and a carved bone for the center piece.  The front                        The back

Hope you have enjoyed, please feel free to leave a comment!



How I Create A Treasure

To start off with I am not much of a blogger, nor am I much at conversation.  However I will make an attempt at blogging.

I am learning the art of lapidary.  I am not going to school. It is a trial & error process.  Lately I have been learning how to cab.  Cabbing is taking a not so pretty piece of rock & making something pretty out of it. The same can be said for tumbling. You throw some rocks or glass into a tumbler for weeks at a time and end up with beautiful stones to create beautiful things with.  Here is an example of what happens when I take something out of my tumbler.

This is a piece of slag glass

This is the glass after I cut it

This is the glass after I cut it

This is the glass after being tumbled to a frost & wire wrapped

This is the necklace designed around the tumbled & wire wrapped glass

Next post I will show you what I do with the seed pods that come from our mahogany trees.