Well I started out make stuff from my yard & then I got involved with playing with rocks & a tumbler.  That graduated to full blown lapidary work.  Now I slab rocks, grind & polish them & them wrap them with wire.  At this time I am learning metal smithing.  Ya know, playing with metal!  Banging on it, soldering it, texturing it & who knows what all else.  This is all so I can put my pretty stones (also know as cabochons or cabs) in bezels to make more pretty pendants.  Here are some pictures of what I have been doing.IMG_0022 IMG_0092IMG_0363  IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0388 IMG_0797 IMG_0858 IMG_0959 IMG_1077 IMG_1171 IMG_1547 IMG_0829 IMG_0846 IMG_0888 IMG_1556