To start off with I am not much of a blogger, nor am I much at conversation.  However I will make an attempt at blogging.

I am learning the art of lapidary.  I am not going to school. It is a trial & error process.  Lately I have been learning how to cab.  Cabbing is taking a not so pretty piece of rock & making something pretty out of it. The same can be said for tumbling. You throw some rocks or glass into a tumbler for weeks at a time and end up with beautiful stones to create beautiful things with.  Here is an example of what happens when I take something out of my tumbler.

This is a piece of slag glass

This is the glass after I cut it

This is the glass after I cut it

This is the glass after being tumbled to a frost & wire wrapped

This is the necklace designed around the tumbled & wire wrapped glass

Next post I will show you what I do with the seed pods that come from our mahogany trees.